About Us

Hello, I am Michele Schneck and my mission is to provide people with high quality dog training to make the relationship with their dogs a true partnership and bring a little peace to homes in the Atlanta area.

I come to you and train you and your dog, in your setting for a reasonable fee. My fees are a one time administrative fee of $25 and $30 per hour sessions. Don't worry if we go a little over your hour, I do not charge extra. I am willing to work hard to make you comfortable with the information. My goal is to help you succeed. I believe you can.

I have 6 years experience using treat and praise based training that is designed to be fun for the dog and owner. I work in your home or office, where ever you go with your dog to make your dog a good citizen and give some peace in your home or workplace.

First, we start with any questions or concerns you have about your dog and work on what I call "emergency issues." These include any disruptive or destructive behavior, such as but certainly not limited to:
          Charging the door
          Jumping on people
          Counter surfing
          Constant pulling on the leash
          And many more

I also help first time dog owners navegate the wonderful experience of owning their first dog including:
          What to expect
          Needed supplies
          Choosing dog food and treats
          Toy safety
          And much more

If the client is interested is training a service dog, I take them through the training process step by step.
          Assessing your dog to see if they have the right temperament
          Helping you pick out the right dog to train
          Obedience training
          Basic Service Dog Training
          Advanced Service Dog Training (if needed)

I train the client with the dog together and offer continuing education and follow-up training.

Why the name Paws at 6 O'clock? 

I am retired from the Navy. In the military, positions are given as time. 12 O'clock is in front, 3 O'clock is on the right, 9 O'clock is on the left and 6 O'clock in behind. You might have noticed the term "I got your six" or "watch your six." I fermly believe that dogs have our backs whether they are working or just being our friend at home.

Service dogs have their handler's back so the handler can concentrate on life.

For more information about Psychiatric, service dogs, ADA (American With Disabilities Act)  Laws or what service dogs do for people suffering from these often debilitating conditions, please see our Q&A page.

For questions about Paws at 6 O'clock or to schedule an appointment with, please see my "contact us" page or email me at pawsat6oclock@gmail.com. You can also call or text me at 678-343-7246.