We offer program levels for every level of experience with dogs. In order to skip a level, the client must either provide verifiable proof they and their dog have been through a training program or demonstrate proficiency in the level they are wanting to skip. 

We use reward based training, so bring lots of your dog's favorite treats to each class.

Level I
Welcome to owning a dog.

Duration: 4 weeks.

In this class the client is introduced to basic information about owning a dog and what they can expect from a service dog. The veteran/civilian will be able to see and walk with a service dog, our mascot, Sox. They will be able to feel what it is like to be around a service dog. The classes will also include:

  • Basic dog care
  • Basic dog supplies
  • Visit a dog park
  • Visit Petco with a tour of their dog area and a new owner packet. (Petco requires a small purchase to activate the packet)
  • How to choose a dog food.
  • How to find a veterinarian

Level 2
Basic Obedience Training

Duration: 6 weeks.

You are not required to get this training with us, but it will make the transition to the next level easier. If you choose to seek out obedience training somewhere else, please bring the graduation certificate or other verifiable proof of training with you to the initial appointment. You can also show us how obedient your dog is to skip this class.

In this class you will learn basic obedience every dog and owner should know for a well behaved and socialized dog. You will receive a certificate of completion. Training includes:

  • Verbal commands like sit, stay, down and heel.
  • Learn to walk your dog on a leash without problems
  • Hand commands
  • Work on problem areas such as housetraining

Level 3
Basic Service Dog Training

Duration: 6 weeks.

In this class, you will learn your rights and responsibilities in working with a service animal. You might notice that I refer to it as a partnership between you and the dog helping you. You and your dog are a team. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate showing the date of completion and the following list of subjects you will learn.

  • ADA law
  • Working in public
  • How to decensitize your dog to common situations without traumatizing the dog
  • Dining out with your dog, including manners
  • Safely traveling with a dog.
  • Registering your dog. Though the ADA does not require a service dog be registered or wear a vest, we have found it is much less stressful on the veteran or other client to do both. As part of our program, we require the dog be registered with one of the nationally recognized service dog registration sites. I promise, it will save you huge headaches.

Level 4
Advanced PTSD/ Anxiety Service Dog Training

Duration: Class time 6 weeks, One-on-one: as long as the client needs

These services are usually provided on an individual basis; if we have enough clients who need the same type of training, we might put a class together to meet the needs of more people.

Please, remember that we focus on training dogs to help people with PTSD and/or Anxiety. Other types of training, such as siezure dog training might be referred out to someone who speciallizes in that type of training. 

This type of advanced training might include:

  • Grounding. The dog is taught to identify and stop the veteran/client from going into an episode.
  • Stress warning. This one is fun. The dog is taught to stop anxiety attacks by putting their head on the client's lap, under the arm or some other technique
  • Stopping night terrors. (done one on one) The dog is taught to wake the client from night terrors.
  • Clearing. A service dog can be taught to clear an apartment or house so the veteran/client feels safe to enter.
  • Other ways the dog can help with PTSD/Anxiety. (one on one)