Laws/Legal Support

Americans with Disabilities Act

This is a great resource to show an individual/organization that is being difficult or has questions. I print out a copy of this document and give it to individuals I'm training and when I do training for organizations.


Below are just a few books that teach how to train a dog to be a service dog. Most are available at Amazon, Ebay or your local book store.
There is no such thing as too much information. Even trainers are always learning. That's why books have new editions and changes.

From Shelter To Service Dog: A Practical Guide to Behavioral Rehabilitation
By Rick & Heather Dillender
AFPDT Publications
ISBN 9780989381604

Internet Sources/Links

There are many links and videos online that can help you train your dog. Please, read any training suggestions, tricks or tips carefully. Not all advice is right for you or your dog. Remember, every dog and trainer are different and learn in different ways.
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Dog Training Central
How to Train a Dog at Home Like a Professional Dog Trainer

This site offers Articles, pictures and videos covering a variety of dog training subjects. They also refer to other sources.